Baccarat, Punto Banco, Macau or Nine Card games: Choose Your Favorit

Baccarat (from French “baccara”) – one of the most popular games in the casino. The main goal when playing baccarat is to score the highest points of two or three cards. There is a reason to say that baccarat has the simplest rules among all the card games offered in casinos.

Baccarat (from French “baccara”) – one of the most popular games in the casino. The main goal when playing baccarat is to score the highest points of two or three cards. There is a reason to say that baccarat has the simplest rules among all the card games offered in casinos.

The baccarat card game is used to be one of the favorite entertainment of nobles and rich people, so in casinos very often it makes big bets. His trademark is the determinant of luck.

In classic baccarat, players can choose whether to take a third card or not, and compete in arranging combinations between themselves.

Now in casino game options known as punto-banko or general mini-baccarat. Unlike the classic version, the core of this game is to beat the dealer, and the possibility of getting additional cards has strict restrictions in certain casinos.

History of baccarat card game
Like other gambling games, there is no single version of the history of the origin of baccarat. Most believe that this game comes from France or Italy. In fact, there are many modifications to this ancient game and the variants can be found in many European countries. Punto Banko – the Spanish version of the game, whose name can now be found in many casinos. Another modification of the game is “chemin de fer” France (“piece of iron” or “train”), and it can also be called Macao or nine.

Historians admit that the baccarat card game was invented by Felix Falguere Italia even during the Middle Ages. There is an opinion that at that time Tarot cards were used for games.

At the end of the XV century, the game moved to France and gained great popularity among local nobles.

There is a legend that according to Falguere was inspired by the Etruscan ritual of worshiping nine gods. This ritual performance throws nine-sided bones each time, which determines the fate of the girl, which must be sacrificed to the gods:

1) When number 8 or 9 falls, the girl must be a female priest;
2) 6 or 7 – virgins are prohibited from being part of religious festivals;
3) In the case of falling from a value of less than 6-ki – the girl sank in the sea.

Rules for baccarat card games
Because now the most popular is the so-called mini-baccarat, the rules will be explained here.

In baccarat where you can play in, two competitors can participate: players and bankers (dealers). In addition, up to 14 people can bet on this second game. The player aims to make a combination of cards, which will give him a total of 9 points or smaller numbers that are close to his value (7-8 points).

The meaning of the card in the baccarat game is as follows:
1) Ace – 1 point;
2) Cards from 2 to 9 – points according to nominal value;
3) Images and scores – 0 points.

If the player has collected a combination of 10 points or more, it must take 10, and the rest will be calculated when comparing the results. For example, if a player receives 8 + 5 = 13 = 3, or 7 + 3 = 10 = 0.

Other players can bet to win one opponent or their draw:

1) “Player” (Player);
2) “Banks” (Banks);
3) “Draw” (Tie).

At the beginning of the game, the dealer and the player receive two cards and count the points printed, and if no one scores 8 or 9 points in the process, it is possible to get a third card. Players with 9 points become winners.

There is a third card rule that shows when a banker or player can automatically receive a third card. If the player from the first two cards is received from 0 to 5 points, then he gets another card, and with a total of 5 points – no.

Bankers can receive additional cards if they receive from 0 to 4 points. If 5 – then solve this problem, rely on the player card, and if more than 5 – then get a third card, he can’t.

As a result, participants who scored the most points won the match. If the dealer has scored more points, the “Bank” bet wins, or “Player” otherwise. If the number of points is the same, then the bet on “Draw” wins.

Bets are paid as follows:

1) In players – 1 to 1;
2) To the bank – 1 to 1 (commission of casino fees of 5%);
3) For draws – 8 to 1 or 9 to 1.

The simplicity of the rules of the baccarat card game always attracts fans of excitement. Rules for different game variants may be different, but the base is always unchanged.

TOP-5 Players Who Joined The Big Online Poker Pot

In the world of online online poker gambling, even professional players can enter the slope and lose their entire bank, but unlike newcomers, pros are combined by millions.

5th place: Eugene Yanite

Eugene Yanite is a famous poker player who started playing chess from the age of 9. Over time, Eugene became interested in online poker and quickly turned the chessboard and numbers into poker cards and chips. The year that benefited him the most was in 2011. At that time, Janite won 1.2 million in a tripling trip. But then, from February to April – the player combined 3.4 million dollars.

Fourth: Paul Foix

In just one summer, a Malaysian player – Paul Foix, lost $ 4 million, played cash games with a $ 400/800 curtain. This can be found in Full Tilt and PokerStars poker rooms with the nickname “Malacesia”. To date, players have managed to stop a series of failures, but the total number of losses has increased to 5 million.

Third place: Victor Bloom

Victor Bloom is one of the most popular young players, a former member of the PokerStars professional team. At the age of 19 he entered ten poker players who won the biggest prize in online poker history. Imagine that only for one November 2009 he managed to get $ 6.5 million in a game against the most powerful poker players at that time. But in December and January of the same year, he earned $ 7.7 million and set a record as the biggest head-up loss in the amount of 4.5 million.

Second place: Gus Hansen

Gus Hansen is the winner of the Australian poker championship. He has 4 WPT trophies, and is also included in the FTP pro team. Gus is a very popular player among bridge and poker fans. In addition, poker players are involved in their own business. Regarding his loss, then for 8 years he played one and a half million hands and combined 20.7 million dollars.

First place: Guy Laliberte

Obviously, the biggest number in our top Canadian player – Guy Laliberte. He is the founder and CEO of Cirque du Soleil. Playing with five different nicknames, the year Guy has managed to lose more than $ 30 million in online poker. The network runs information that Laliberte still cannot stop playing and continues to pour money on PokerStars with the screen name candela2005

Ludomania as a dependency on online gambling

One of the most dangerous addictions is gambling, which is put on one level with drug addiction and alcoholism. And everything is connected with the fact that people depend not only on themselves but also harm others.

Ludomania is a pathological tendency for gambling, which leads to personal, social and professional bankruptcy of players. The most common reason for this dependence on online games is loneliness, feelings of dissatisfaction, desire to get rich easily, or other addictions.

Japanese scientists have proven that gambling is very common for people who don’t have enough dopamine (the “happiness” hormone) in the body. This hormone is released during reception gain and eventually causes dependence.

Ludomania’s main features are divided into several groups:

1) mental symptoms are expressed in the form of hope to break the big prize in the game;
2) the inability to stop online games after losing or winning;
3) frequent and long games;
4) irritation during the game process;
5) trust in full control of the situation, etc.

This list of symptoms is very long, in some cases gamblers can make a suicide attempt. Physiological symptoms of ludomania are expressed in changes in one’s appearance – such people are very often similar to drug addicts.

It should be noted that gambling not only has social consequences, but also causes significant health problems. Such people often suffer from diseases of the nervous, cardiovascular and digestive systems.

Ludomania treatment

For now, there are various treatment methods for gambling addiction, but most use psychotherapy techniques. This includes group, cognitive, rational and behavioral psychotherapy. Each technique has its own characteristics and takes a long time.

In some cases, gambling treatment uses a medical approach that involves taking antidepressants.

What are The Benefits of Gambling at Vulcan Casino

People constantly risk something, at this time adrenaline in the blood deteriorates and someone gets indescribable pleasure. For this reason online gambling has been developed, such as Vulcan Casino, where everyone can play and get freedom. According to the principles of online casinos, Vulkan began recruiting a large number of game users.

Until now, the authorities took steps to prevent players from gambling. Many visitors to gambling clubs do not know how to act in this situation, whether it really deserves to be heard and avoided by gambling clubs. There are world gambling customers who have chosen the Vulcan game formation approach and with the help of automatic machines start making money. Most of them use Internet casinos every day to make a good profit.

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The main privilege of Vulcan gambling establishment is that it is possible to play automaton for free. And looking back on the past, we can see that features that are good enough for many gambling visitors really aren’t in real institutions. The creators of the Vulkan Club game emulator constantly improve video graphics and make the game engine automatic and bright. This is done so that visitors can come to the casino and keep playing for a long time.

The gameplay becomes very bright and colorful so the user does not pay attention to how much time is passed during the game. Once a client has free time, he prefers to spend that time playing his favorite machine.

Vulcan users know very well that it is impossible to get rich without risks and costs. The Vulkan Gambling Club for its users provides an enhanced bonus system, and the site administration constantly performs various types of promotions, which allows to double the game money. After a player learns an invincible tactic, then such users will be immediately surprised by the increase in game balance.

A volcano can bring a lot of money, but a casino client must always be calm and not make a hurry. Only in this case has the opportunity to get more.